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Monday - Friday 6:00am - 8:00pm 150 St. John St, Portland, ME
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Steps to Restore Your Metabolism



As promised, this week I’m going to discuss the details of the two options you have in restoring your metabolism. If you’ve been eating low calories consistently for a long time & you feel your progress has stalled or if you eat any more you’ll gain weight, this is for you!!

Option 1: Reverse dieting

This is best if you’re already tracking calories / macros because it’s a very specific & meticulous process that requires slight changes each week. Accuracy with measurements / portions is really important here, this is not something that can be eye balled / winged.

What you’ll do is start with the calories / macros you are currently eating and add 10g carb & 2g fat each week. If the scale goes up, you skip a week until the scale stays the same or drops. Once your weight stabilizes, add another 10g carb, 2g fat and repeat the process until you are at a healthier amount of calories that you feel are able to maintain effortlessly. You’ll then want to stay here for a bit to establish your new maintenance calories. This way, if your goal is weight loss, you’ll be able to drop calories again and actually see results because you’ve restored your maintenance calories to a higher threshold.

Option 2: Taking a diet break

Now, this doesn’t mean just go all out and eat whatever you want in mass quantities. Not only will this do a number on your body, you’ll also feel terrible. Taking a diet break simply entails adding a few hundred calories to what you’re consuming currently. This is way less tedious & structured than option 1 but it can also be difficult not to overdo it when you lift the curtain of restriction. In this case, I simply recommend slightly increasing the portions of what you are already eating and enjoy the flexibility that comes with more caloric freedom : )

Something I also want to touch on is that everyone’s response is going to be different, no matter what option you choose. I’ve seen some people lose weight when increasing their calories (most likely because they restore their hormones so their body doesn’t hate them anymore and especially decrease cortisol). I’ve also seen people gain a little weight (at first) because their metabolism was so adapted to those low calories. What is most common is that your weight will stay the same (which is what should happen when executed properly).

Leading from this, what I want to make clear is that you are doing this to RESTORE YOUR METABOLISM, so you need to put your weight on the back burner for a bit until you get your metabolism back in a healthy place. Understand this is a process that takes TIME too, so be patient!

That being said, this is a GREAT opportunity to really practice mindfulness (more on this here) , listening to your body’s cues & loving your body for doing all it does for you on a daily basis <3 Remember, your health is always the most important thing, not how much you weigh or what size clothes you wear. You only get one body, so you might as well learn to treat it like a BFF cause you’re stuck with it forever!

As always, let me know if you have ANY questions. This is definitely more of an individualized topic, so don’t hesitate to click that reply button if need more specific guidance : )

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