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Push harder or pull back?

So while I was running the other day (constantly telling myself to push harder), I was thinking about how from a coaching perspective, I dance on a fine line between pushing some clients to try harder and telling other clients to pull back. I find it hard, especially on social platforms to put out messages that are going to apply to most people. You see, there’s one group of people that simply need to gather the discipline & put in more work. Then, there’s another group of people that need to take some steps back and be a little more relaxed with their approach.

To go a little deeper on this, we have on one hand the type A personality. Highly motivated, self critical, competitive, anal retentive, high achieving, results driven, not good at relaxing, needs structure.

On the other hand, we have the type B personality. More laid back, non competitive, even tempered, don’t have a sense of urgency, generally less stressed, flexible in their approach.

Now of course, we don’t fit perfectly in either of these boxes but there’s usually one that we resonate with more. For example, I definitely place further on the type A spectrum but I also have some solid type B traits.

I find that USUALLY type B personalities tend to need a little extra push, while type A personalities need to pump the brakes a bit. However, this is very general speculation. I’ll use myself as an example. There have been times in my life that I’ve been pushing for the wrong reasons but with my type A tendencies, I only cared about having a structured plan, executing and doing it WELL. When I recognized that I wasn’t considering my true WHY and worked through it, I am now able to identify when it’s necessary to push harder (for the right reasons) and when it’s time to pull back (because my intentions aren’t in a helpful place).

Regardless of your personality type, there needs to be some sort of evaluation of your intentions and that is this:

If by pushing you’re going to prove yourself something worthwhile, then push. If by pushing you’re going to make your mental state more toxic, pull back.

Things that are worth pushing for:

Increased strength
Better endurance
Setting a positive/helpful example for those around you
Keeping up with your kids
Overall HEALTH

Things that can be a harmful result of pushing:

Feeling of inadequacy (never feeling good enough)
Heightened anxiety
All or nothing mentality
Potential health issues (think hormones, general illness etc)
Isolating yourself (saying no to friends/family)
Physical injury

Notice I never mentioned scale weight or physical appearance in either situation. That’s because if either of those are the SOLE reason you are doing something in the first place, it’s never going to stick.

All you are proving to yourself is that you can lose weight, which doesn’t mean anything if you can’t maintain it or find SOME sort of fulfillment or self worth along the way.

Check your intentions and make sure the reason you are doing something is one of value.

If you’re struggling to find your way in health & fitness, wanting results while living your life, becoming empowered & confident, finding the RIGHT method for you…. I have a few online coaching spots available. This is as personal and individualized as it gets. Get help finding your why and building a plan that supports it. Learn the ropes of good, NON restrictive nutrition so you’ll never have to diet again. APPLY HERE and I’ll contact you if I think we’ll be a good fit : )

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