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How to Stay on Track

Many of you have already seen this message that I posted last week on Instagram. However, I know not everyone sees (or reads lets be honest) those posts AND it’s a idea I think a lot of you may need to hear again.

So, my biggest tip for staying on track?


Living a healthy lifestyle is not black and white. To TRULY succeed in finding balance you need to stop thinking in terms of good or bad, right or wrong, healthy or unhealthy, on or off track.

Instead, just focus on being consistent with listening to your body and being mindful. And even if you ‘mess up’ with that, don’t see it as wrong, bad or off track. Just see it as an experience that occurred. That’s it, nothing more. Onward.

Being successful with fitness and nutrition is less about the food and the exercise and MORE about your mindset / relationship with food. The fitness and ‘health’ industry is to blame for this horrible way of thinking. How many fitness professionals do you see giving tips about staying on track OR what do to when you fall of track? I’m not trying to bash here either, I used to do that myself! Until I realized how it just causes more of a problem.

This way of thinking creates such a toxic connotation with simply enjoying your life. Making you feel like having some indulgent meals over the weekend or on vacation is wrong or bad. Better yet, something you need to recover from or ‘undo’.

That’s not a helpful thought process. It simply proliferates guilt/shame, which then results in a realllllly messed up way of understanding the roles fitness & nutrition have in your life. Fitness and nutrition are meant to ENHANCE your life, not make you feel like a freaking failure every time you have a cheeseburger or ice cream cone! Balance and mindfulness people. It’s THAT simple.

Break the cycle, get rid of the track & simply focus on being mindful.

Eat foods you know make you feel good and nourish your body.
Be aware of your hunger/satiety cues no matter what you are eating.
Have intention with your choices. Food is fuel, medicine AND enjoyment.

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