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How to get better sleep


While nutrition and exercise are at the top of the pyramid of getting healthy, I want to talk about the two things that many of us neglect but can take SUCH a toll on overall health. 

Too often I have people coming to me confused and frustrated because they feel like they are doing everything right (eating well and exercising) but not seeing results and still feeling horrible. If I take a deeper look and see they truly are being consistent with nutritious food choices (in a calorie range that supports their goals) and getting adequate exercise, my next questions are going to be:

How well are you sleeping?
How would you rate your average stress levels?

Come to find out, stress is a major factor in their everyday life and sleep is also a nightly battle. Little do many people how much of an impact stress and sleep truly have on overall health & getting results.

So today we are going to chat about sleep and next week we’ll tackle stress!

In order for you to have natural energy, proper hormone function, a strong immune system, (to name a few), you MUST start prioritizing 7-8 hours of sleep per night. It’s no wonder lack of sleep is so strongly linked to weight gain…

Less energy = less motivation to exercise & plan/prep nutritious choices.

Hormone imbalance = impaired hunger/satiety cues, decreased metabolism & increased fat storage.

Weak immune system = getting sick often and making proper nutrition & exercise even harder.

So. What can you do to improve your sleep and therefore your health, energy, immune system and metabolism?

Start a night time routine! this can include:

  • No electronics past a certain time – I personally set an electronics curfew for myself at 8:30pm. Blue light has a huge (negative) impact on sleep.
  • Leading from that, look into trying blue light blocking glasses.
  • Make your to do list for the next day, the night before. For me this has been huge. Often times, people can’t get to sleep because their minds are racing at night with everything that needs to get done the next day. I put that all down on paper BEFORE I leave my studio so I know it’s there, all laid out and ready for me to conquer the following day.
  • Find something you know relaxes you. For me it’s reading, I like to read every night before bed. This could be anything- a long hot shower, cup of chamomile tea (I find this makes me pee all night though), a puzzle, journaling just find SOMETHING that relaxes you / eases your mind.
  • Meditation – even just for 5 min can make a huge difference.
  • Yoga flow/ stretching – again even just for 5 min to relax your muscles.
  • Listen to calming music.
  • Long, deep breaths.
  • Essential oils – especially lavender. Diffusers are super affordable on Amazon!
  • Experiment with sleep supplements (listed at the end).

Some other tips outside of a nighttime routine to set you up for better sleep:

  • LIMIT CAFFEINE especially after 12pm.
  • Exercise/movement during the day, being sedentary all day is not going to do you any favors at night!
  • If you’re having trouble falling asleep, pretend that your morning alarm is about to go off and you’re allowed to turn it off & sleep in ; ) This does the trick for me any time I have a hard time falling asleep.
  • Invest in a comfortable bed. You spend approximately 1/3 of your life sleeping, it’s worth it.
  • Leading from that, get fitted for a pillow that’s correct for your neck/body. This can make a huge difference!
  • Have a solid, balanced meal in you a couple hours before bed- going to bed hungry will lead to poor quality sleep.
  • Set your room to comfortable temperature (around 65 degrees F) if you can.
  • Make sure your bedroom is pitch black or use a sleeping mask.

As far as sleep supplements go, here is what I recommend.

Magnesium: soothes & calms your nervous system, aids with sleep, anti inflammatory, helps with muscle recovery/cramping, alleviates anxiety & heart palpitations. I recommend magnesium glycinate & get mine on Amazon.

Melatonin: natural sleep aid (I like the peppermint chewables from Trader Joe’s!)

Core-21: helps you get quality/restful sleep, reduces stress and alleviates anxiety. Click here to read more!

Adrenal Restore: seriously just read the description (and reviews) here! This is a game changer for restoring your bodies natural energy levels.

Harmony: female hormone balance! Sometimes you can’t sleep BECAUSE of hormone imbalances. This works to balance female hormones, which will improve your sleep, periods, PMS symptoms, skin, overall energy etc. I’m currently using this and it has FOR SURE helped me get restful sleep and has improved my skin complexion as well! Definitely another one to read the reviews on.

**I’d also note to check with your doctor before starting any supplements if you have any health conditions/diseases or are on any medication, birth control, pregnant or nursing!

Hope this was helpful and as always, click that reply button if you have any questions!!!

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