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5 small changes to lose 10lbs

If you can’t tell by the photo above, Tab doesn’t take life too seriously. He likes to have fun, he enjoys good food & loves to play! A few months ago he was around 230lbs and not feeling his best. So he decided to make some simple lifestyle changes and the weight fell right off. 

Before I get into discussing the changes Tab made, I want to tell you a little more about Tab. He’s 62 years old (or level 6.2 if you’re asking him ). He’s had 4 total joint replacements (both hips and both shoulders), 1 replacement revision (joint replacements sometimes fail and need to be ‘re done’) and a dislocation (right after his revision – face palm). He also has a Pituitary Adenoma (This is a tumor in the skull, below the brain that causes hormone issues and in his case, required both surgery and radiation). This resulted in Adrenal Insufficiency (this is where your adrenal glands don’t produce enough cortisol, which can be life threatening when your body is under stress, like sickness or infection). It also caused Hypothyroidism and low testosterone. Luckily he is on medication for all of these things and they are well under control but as you can imagine it’s a lot for anyone’s body to go through. 

Most people would use any one of these things as an excuse or reason they can’t exercise or lose weight. Tab is the perfect example that you ARE actually in control of your health. Yes it’s a lot harder than someone who doesn’t have any of these issues to deal with but working through them (safely) actually makes them a lot less detrimental. It blows my mind how many people have surgeries or health issues and use those as excuses to let their health take a downward spiral. I can’t even tell you how many times Tab has been knocked on his ass… but he never stayed there. He’d follow doctors orders, take necessary precautions and ease right back into things as if nothing happened. ***Also shout out to my Mom for being by his side through all of this. I think it took more of a toll on her than it did Tab haha.

My point is – with both nutrition and exercise, if there’s a will, there’s a way. PERIOD. You have to want it for yourself and the people around you. You get one shot at life, why do anything but do what’s necessary to feel your best?! I find where people get so hung up is thinking too big. They see where they want to be – it seems so unachievable and far away they don’t even try. It’s SO silly to think this way. That’s like going into a new job expecting to be the CEO or president right away. That doesn’t just happen, you have to pay your dues and start small. Fitness & nutrition are no different. Start small, work your way up and you’ll wonder why you didn’t start sooner. Massive change doesn’t happen overnight. Sometimes it doesn’t even happen in a year. But it WILL happen if you just keep at it.

Anyway, let’s get to it. Despite all his body has been through & goes through on a daily basis, Tab is living his best life and lost 10lbs doing so. Here’s how:

1. His attitude. He doesn’t let his circumstances control him. He controls his circumstances. Instead of getting upset or frustrated when something happens to him, he rolls with it, makes the best of the situation, learns what steps he needs to take and does what he can moving forward.

2. He started focusing more on balancing his meals properly. For example, his breakfast before was mostly carbs, which lead him to be hungrier sooner and experience more of an energy crash. Balancing out those carbs with fats and protein helped keep him full and energized for longer, without feeling the need to snack so soon.

3. He started being more mindful & truly analyzing when he was hungry / if he just wanted something based on habit or boredom. This also helped cut down on mindless snacking. He simply became more intentional with eating.

4. He paid more attention to portions. Tab loves anything crunchy, so it was easy for him to throw back a couple handfuls of nuts or crackers. Being more aware of the portion sizes of these foods helped him cut back on a tremendous amount of calories. Again, being mindful of true hunger helped here as well. The little things add up!

5. He moved more! I gave him my old FitBit which really motivated him to get 10k steps in per day and move around more in general throughout the day. He has a sedentary job so this is especially crucial. Having a device like that is really rewarding too! I had the same experience when I first started using the FitBit, it really motivated me to move around more and in turn I felt SO much better! Like Newtons 1st law, a body in motion stays in motion. I couldn’t find this more true, especially for someone like Tab, where if he had NOT stayed active, his joint replacements and hormone issues would have gotten the best of him. Instead, keeping active (and eating well) make’s them substantially less detrimental.

That’s it!! Those were the only changes he made and they were pretty damn simple. Goes to show how much we tend to overcomplicate fitness & weight loss. Even with more complex hormonal issues like Tab has, the solution is still simple. Balance your meals, be mindful with choices, listen to your body, move more, stay positive.

Thanks Dad, for setting such a fantastic example about what fitness and health is all about : )

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