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Why you crave carbs

I’m here to tell you, it’s not just you. There’s a reason you crave carbs so often and feel like you’re hungry all the time. Thankfully, there’s a way to control this, which I’ll get to but first let’s start with WHY this happens.

1.You’re not eating enough. Simply stated, your body isn’t getting enough fuel. Carbs are the body’s #1 source of fuel, so physiologically that’s what your body is going to want! Your body doesn’t care about being full for hours, it just cares about getting quick immediate fuel, which is why our hormones tell our brain: CARBS (aka glucose). Glucose is quick immediate fuel. Our bodies know this, which is why we feel that urge for carbs! 

2.You’re not properly balancing your meals. If you eat carbs on their own, they’re going to get processed & used very quickly, leaving you hungry soon after. I remember in college I always used to eat cereal for breakfast. I was so confused as to why I was hungry again by the time I got to class in the morning! I’d then have a banana and same thing, in another hour I’d be hungry again! Little did I know I was putting myself on a blood sugar roller coaster by just consuming carbs! By starting off the day with just carbs, I was setting myself up to continue craving them because I was continuously spiking my blood sugar. With those crazy spikes & dips comes intense, hard to control cravings, low energy & hunger in general.

3.You’re being too restrictive! The second something is deemed off limits is the second you start wanting it more. That’s just human psychology! I think so many people worry that they will gain a ton of weight if they allowed themselves what they truly wanted. When really, normalizing all food will lead to you being able to eat normal amounts of it without feeling out of control when it’s present. You’ll also find you want it less because you KNOW you can have it at any time. It’s important to note here too that this doesn’t happen with the flip of a switch, it takes a while to unlearn all the ‘rules’ you’ve created over the years. Be patient with yourself.

Now that we’ve gone over some of the causes of your carb/sugar/sweet cravings, what can you do to prevent them?

BALANCE YOUR MEALS! This is probably the #1 thing I teach my clients in regards to food. It’s going to keep you fueled properly, reduce cravings and give you steady energy! So each time you eat I want you to include:

1 source of protein

1 source of fat

1 source of carbs

1 source of veggies (fiber)

Protein, fat and fiber are all going to help slow the release of glucose (carbs) into your blood stream and keep your body operating optimally without feeling famished so often. Feeling low energy / shaky, weak etc. is a HUGE sign you are not balancing your meals properly. This is a symptom of low blood sugar which is typically a result of a previous spike in blood sugar (from carbohydrates). So if this is you, start implementing this ASAP! Balancing your meals will allow your blood sugar to stay within a normal range, which means you won’t experience those dramatic crashes in energy alongside intense cravings.

Long story short, try not to eat carbs by themselves. So if you want cereal in the morning, Add a side of greek yogurt or cottage cheese with some nuts. If you grab a piece of fruit for a snack, add some nut butter and have a protein shake with it. This way you’ll actually be satisfied for some time, rather than feeling okay temporarily then feeling like you need to have something again.

Ever do so well during the day and then when you get home at night you lose all control and eat everything? That’s another sign you are doing 1 or all of the 3 points listed above. Don’t be scared of bigger meals, you’ll actually end up eating less overall because you wont go so bananas when you get home at night!

Hope this was helpful and as always, click that reply button if you have any questions or comments! I always love hearing from you <3

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