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What’s really holding you back

( 2-3 minute read )

‘The hard part isn’t exercise or nutrition. It’s your mind’. 

Can I get an amen?!

While many people think it’s discipline, willpower or motivation that hold us back, our biggest limiting factors are deeper than that. They are our beliefs, which are just assumptions based on past experiences/perceptions. We manifest them to be our reality, they become our certainty & our comfort (two things we inherently love). 

So what does that mean? Our own beliefs are what’s holding us back. We create these false realities that keep us right in our comfort zones with unhelpful habits. And we do this because we never give ourselves a real chance.

We believe we are a failure at something because we tried something, ‘failed’, went back to square 1, made an excuse not to try again because failure… still WANTING to change but too scared because of the stories we tell ourselves about how we ‘can’t’. 

I want you to think about something: When you were a baby, you didn’t just get up and starting walking one day. You tried and failed over and over and over and over and over until you got it. And even when you got it, you still sucked at it but you kept practicing (and failing some more) until you got better. 

Well, that’s how everything else goes in life, especially fitness & nutrition. When you were a kid, you had no limiting beliefs because you had no perception of failure & the negative connotations that come with it. There was no failing , there was just DOING. So lets take ourselves back to this wonderful mindset and get after those things we want, regardless of how many times we get knocked down trying to get there. Deal?

The first step is pin pointing the lies you are currently telling yourself…

I like to call these lies limiting beliefs. So what is a limiting belief specifically? It’s something you tell yourself to justify why something isn’t working for you or wont work for you.

So how do you get rid of these devilish & unproductive thoughts? You replace them with empowering beliefs. Here are some examples:

Limiting belief: This is too hard, I’m not cut out for this
Empowering belief: Nothing good comes easy and I can do it if I keep trying

Limiting belief: I can’t do it perfectly so there’s no point
Empowering belief: If I focus on being consistent, that’ll bring me to my goal

Limiting belief: I don’t have the time
Empowering belief: If this is something I really want, I will make the time


Limiting belief: It’s just not a good time to start or make a change
Empowering belief: There will never be a perfect time, starting now will bring me closer to my goal.


Limiting belief: I failed at this before 
Empowering belief: If I fail again I will keep going anyway



You need to figure out:

1. What your goals are
2. Why you want to reach those goals
3. How they will make you feel when you do

AND GO AFTER THEM! (especially keeping #3 in mind when things get tough)

There is no perfect plan. Just start & learn along the way.

Success is not linear (expect to fall on your face- hopefully not literally).

Your mindset is the most important aspect of reaching your goals.

Lots of people will wait until after the holidays or until next Monday to start. I challenge you to start now. There is NEVER a good time. Things ALWAYS come up. Start doing what you know you need to do and just be consistent, NOT perfect!

Wishing you a WONDERFUl Thanksgiving and as always, click that reply button if you have any questions or comments! I love hearing from you. 

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