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Monday - Friday 6:00am - 8:00pm 150 St. John St, Portland, ME
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What to consider when building a workout routine

what to consider when building a workout routine


This weekend I attended a training workshop at my friend/fellow trainer’s studio. I always jump at any opportunity to learn more about my field of work because the more knowledge I have, the better I can help my clients & those who consume my content!

My ultimate goal as a trainer is to equip people with the strategies and methods they need to live long, healthy and pain free lives. One thing I’ve failed to do in the past is be clear about my intentions with both training my clients & creating content.

I’m not here to help you get your dream body

I’m not here to help you lose x pounds in x days

I’m not here to guide you through a temporary diet

I’m not here to kill you with a workout routine

I’m here to help you redefine what health and fitness really means & give you the tools to thrive in your version of it.

One of the many things I loved about the workshop was that we started out by exploring the definition of health and fitness.

Fitness = the ability to perform a given physical task.

Health = a person’s state of mental, social and physical well-being, where physiological systems work in harmony.

**Credit for both definitions to Institute of Motion

What many people don’t often see/understand is that fitness and health are not always synonymous. Often times, our efforts to pursue fitness (and nutrition) come at a consequence to our health. This is a problem.

We can get so caught up in a specific result that we forget what the purpose of exercise and nutrition really is. It’s the unfortunate dichotomy of external appearance vs internal well-being.

Now, I’m going to use crossfit as an example BUT want to be clear that this is not me throwing shade. It’s honestly…just a good example. Crossfit programming at it’s core is amazing. You get a little bit of strength, a little bit of conditioning (cardio), a little bit of mobilization and best of all, a great community. When done right, Crossfit can be an excellent way to improve your fitness & health.

However. how often to you hear or see people getting injured doing Crossfit? Tooooo often. The most common cases of crossfit injuries stem from people being overly competitive, not executing movements properly, or performing exercises they aren’t equipped/properly trained for.

We see this frequently with nutrition too. People jump into these diets that leave them worse off than when they even started & have no consideration for their actual health!

Again, this is why it’s my mission to teach others to create a lifestyle for themselves where nutrition and fitness DOES lead to sustainable health.

I’m not going to get into the training system that we learned on Saturday (that would be a long ass newsletter) but I DO want to share the premise & offer some insight.

The biggest takeaway I got from this workshop is that:


In order to optimize our health, achieve sustained results and keep risk injury low, we have to include/program various elements of fitness into our routines.

Here are the 6 concepts we learned how to program:

Mobility: creating space in the body (moving more freely)

Activation: increase system sensitivity (‘turn on’ muscles, joints etc)

Cardio: increase cardio respiratory change (cardiovascular endurance)

Strength: ability to produce and resist forces (move things or yourself)

Power: ability to produce force quickly (jumping, hopping, reacting etc)

Regeneration: ability to enhance system recovery (rest & repair)

**Definitions courtesy of the Institute of Motion. Parentheses are my interpretation. 

Long story short, we need to be incorporating ALL of these concepts in our weekly training. Next week I’ll be going into more detail of what this could look like but for now I want you to analyze your current routine and consider what you are missing/need more of!


Questions?? Don’t hesitate to click that reply button : )

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