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Simple tips to get back on track

( 2-3 minute read )

Hey you. You’re probably feeling ready to get back on course after the holiday weekend, yeah? Well, I can tell you that you’re definitely not alone! Through years of coaching clients and trial and error myself, I gathered some sound advice to help you get back on the wagon AND prevent yourself from feeling so horrible through the next Holiday weekend.


TIP #1


STOP JUDGING YOURSELF! Seriously, stop being such an asshole to yourself. So what if you indulged more than you wanted to, or ended up having dessert again after you promised yourself you wouldn’t. Next time you have that harsh internal dialogue and make yourself feel bad or guilty, think about what you would say to a friend who was going through the same thing. I bet what would come out of your mouth would be a lot different than the words you tell yourself. Being kind to yourself is KEY to having a better relationship with both food and your body. You can take ownership without being an a-hole.


TIP #2


WORK ON YOUR MIND-BODY CONNECTION. Many of you may not even know what this means. I’ll tell ya though, once it clicks, it’s the most amazing feeling because it truly becomes natural to WANT to eat nutrient dense foods! The basis of this is simply to start paying attention, LISTENING to the signs and signals your body is giving you. I’m actually going to write an entire newsletter about this concept but I’ll leave you with this to start practicing: After your next meal: consider how the food you just ate is making you feel. Do you feel alert or sluggish? Energized or tired? Bloated? Crampy? Is what you’re feeling something you want to experience again? Learn to start paying close attention to the cues your body gives you after you eat!


TIP #3


PLAN AHEAD. Now that you’ve reminded yourself how good you feel when you eat wholesome, nutrient dense foods, make it happen! This is where you really gotta flex the ol discipline muscle. These types of foods may not even sound good at the moment because you’ve recently reminded your taste buds how deeeelicious those indulgent foods are. However, your body is going to thank you when you give it what it needs to FEEL amazing and energized. Then soon enough, you’ll start naturally gravitating towards those nutrient dense foods again. For more tips on meal prep and planning ahead, check out THIS newsletter.


TIP #4


CONSISTENCY > PERFECTION. As if you haven’t heard this enough from me ; ) For real though, if there’s one tip I could give for overall health, fitness, nutrition etc. it’s this. Going into anything with expectations that it’s going to be perfect is only setting you up for failure and discouragement. On the flip side, going into something leaving room for flexibility is going to allow you to never veer off track and stay steady towards your goal. So even when you think you ‘mess up’, just remind yourself it’s part of the path and you’re one good decision from being back on the right course.


TIP #5


STAY ACCOUNTABLE. Many of you are already in my private fitness and nutrition Facebook Group but for those who aren’t, we’re just starting up another round of Adherence Charts! This is a completely customizable habit chart that you build based on your goals. Every Sunday you post a picture of the chart to the group along with your victories, struggles, and goals for the week ahead. This is a GREAT way to stay accountable, get connected with others on their journeys and gain support/encouragement! Click HERE to join, it’s completely free!

I hope this was helpful and as always, click that reply button if you have any questions or comments! I love hearing from you. 

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