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Restore Your Metabolism



Since I’ve really been hammering home the point that you need to be in a calorie deficit to lose weight (eating less calories than you burn throughout the day), you’d think the less you eat the more you lose, right? Not quite, this is where things get tricky and people get frustrated.

If you’re eating low calories (consistently-7 days a week) & not losing weight, pay attention!!

Long story short, when you eat in a calorie deficit for an extended period of time, your body begins to adapt to less food. Our bodies LOVE homeostasis and they adapt to these low calories by slowing our metabolisms. So although you may lose weight initially, weight loss will slow and eventually stop due to a lowered metabolism.

This is when most people will lower calories even more. Which at first, will work but again, will stop eventually. You can only lower calories so far before you get into real trouble.

Eventually, your metabolism is going to be at a terrible place, your hormone levels will be all out of whack, you’ll be exhausted, tired, hungry and STILL not reaching your fat loss goals. And in some cases even GAINING weight because of these hormonal issues that have developed.

So what do you do? A couple of options, which you have to be very patient with because it’s a gradual process. This is the hardest part but it pays off in the long run, I promise!!!

1. Taking a diet break (literally just stop dieting – this doesn’t mean go bananas though)

2. Reverse dieting (this involves tracking your food but gradually adding calories each week to build your metabolism back up)

Both of these involve restoring your metabolism and hormones to healthy levels so you’ll be able to lose fat again, have more energy and all that good stuff! I’ll be posting more on each option in next weeks newsletter : )

In the mean time, here’s another newsletter I wrote about tips to boost your metabolism!

If you have ANY questions about fat loss (or muscle gain) and where you need to be calorie wise to reach your goals, don’t hesitate to click that reply button. Always here to help <3

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