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Pre and post workout



So! Last week I covered why balanced meals are important, how to put together balanced meals & balanced meal ideas ( click here if you missed it ). While this concept is what I recommend for a majority of your meals, it’s a little different when fueling for and recovering from strength workouts!

Pre and post workout is actually the only time I wouldn’t recommend a balanced meal. And in the post workout setting specifically, the only time I’d recommend a supplement instead of a whole food. Will your body still perform, repair & recover with balanced / whole food meals, absolutely! Our bodies are pretty dang smart and awesome.

But in this scenario, I want to touch on what’s going to be most efficient and optimal so you can:

1. feel better
2. perform better
3. get better result

Let’s start with pre workout. In this case, I recommend sticking with just a protein & low fiber carb. Include fats or complex carbs if it’s going to be a longer duration workout where you need more sustained fuel. The reason you typically wouldn’t want fat or fiber in the pre workout setting, is that they both slow digestion and therefore the fuel isn’t ready for immediate use. Protein is the building blocks of muscle and carbs are energy! Here are some examples for pre workout snacks/meals:

Greek yogurt (protein) & fruit or low fat granola (carbs)

Egg whites (protein) & potatoes (carbs)

Chicken (protein) & white rice (carbs)

Cottage cheese (protein) & rice cakes (carbs)

If you need some fats too, peanut butter, olive oil and avocado are all great options. I personally typically have a Level 1 bar, which is a high quality, balanced protein bar. A whole food meal would for sure be a better choice but in my busy day, it’s just convenient, portable, easy on my stomach and delicious, so I go with it!

Now for post workout! Like I mentioned, this is the only time I WOULD recommend a supplement over a whole food. And the reason being is that Phormula 1 and Ignition repairs and recovers better and faster, leaves you feeling amazing right away and reduces soreness overall, which allows you to be able to hit your next workout even harder. Optimal recovery = optimal results.

Phormula 1 is a whey protein isolate, which is a rapid assimilating protein that’s going to quickly give your body all of the essential amino acids it needs to repair the muscle tissue you damaged while training.

Ignition is a dexanhydrous glucose, which is a fast digesting carb that’s going to restore the glycogen (energy) you depleted while training and ALSO shuttle the protein to your muscles. This is different than any whole food carb / sugar because it’s formulated to bypass liver storage entirely & go where it needs to go (muscles) right away.

Together these will help you not only feel replenished & reenergized immediately, it will also start the repair & recovery process at a substantially faster rate than any whole food would.

What I recommend is taking this stack within 30 minutes after training & then have a whole food meal 30-90 minutes after that. This is not meant to be something that keeps you satiated. It’s purely for optimal recovery so you can continue crushing your workouts and getting the results you deserve for your hard work!

If you’re a local client or local in general, don’t hesitate to ask for a sample, I have plenty here at the studio! For everyone else, here is a link for free shipping on this stack!  1st Phorm has a %110 money back guarantee, so if for any reason it doesn’t work for you or you don’t like the flavor you chose, you can send it on back or exchange it no questions asked!

If you have any questions at all about pre or post workout nutrition, click that reply button and I’ll get right back to you : )

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