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I had something completely different planned for this weeks newsletter but I felt these words will be more helpful during this time : )

As someone who’s struggled with anxiety, I know what it’s like to feel panicked & unable to calm down. Through this current pandemic, we all have our reasons for feeling scared, stressed, worried, helpless, etc. While I don’t think we need to run out and buy 300 rolls of toilet paper, this is going to greatly impact many peoples lives/livelihood! We don’t fully understand each others position / cause for concern. So let’s do our best to validate & respect the worries of others and do our part in flattening the curve.

First thing is first, I am not a doctor, psychologist, therapist, mental health professional of any kind….Obviously. So, if you are really struggling right now, my #1 suggestion is to contact/reach out to a qualified mental health professional. There is no shame in getting help and there is no shame in medication. This is important!! Here is a good resource I came across for virtual assistance :

That being said, everything I am about to offer does not replace medical / qualified advice. They are simply strategies I’ve personally utilized when I am feeling stressed / anxious / overwhelmed. A big trigger for anxiety is fear of the unknown. That’s what’s personally been effecting me & if you have anxiety, you also know how easy it is to spiral when you get triggered.

So here is what has helped me:

Staying on my routine with movement, nutrition, hydration and supplements as best I can. Taking care of your BODY is massively important. I understand gyms are closed right now. This doesn’t mean you can’t get outside for a walk / run, bike etc. There are also plenty of free home workout resources out there and you can practice yoga too! I’ve recently downloaded the Peloton App (free for first 30 days) and have been using it for yoga, stretching & meditation. The My Transformation App also has home workouts & is free for the first 30 days as well : ) Use this time as an opportunity to get in a great fitness routine!

Try to stay off of social media as much as you can and only consume content that ISN’T related to what’s making you anxious. Dive into a new mindless Netflix series instead! Remember, it’s okay to not be productive 24/7 (tough lesson I’ve had to learn) just make sure it’s something that’s providing you with the appropriate feelings.

Talk to someone about how you are feeling & make sure it’s someone who has a positive & supporting demeanor. For me, all I need to hear from someone is that my anxiety is valid and I will get through it. Consider a virtual therapist too, as I mentioned above!

Breathe!!!! Big, long deep breaths. In through your nose, out through your mouth. Lots of em. As often as you need em. Let’s do some right now. Let go of your jaw, take your tongue off the roof of your mouth, bring your shoulders back and BREATHE.

: )

Next, write down all off the positives in your current situation & frequent this list. Ground yourself in it. A general daily gratitude list always helps too!

FRESH AIRRRRRR. A brisk walk while focusing on my breath has been very therapeutic for me recently. Get outside as much as you can!

Love on your fur baby if you have one. Need I say more? They’re just the freaking best.

I really hope this helps & remember, if you are really struggling, you are not alone and I highly encourage you to confide in a professional.

Let’s get through this together & lift others up in any way we can <3

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