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How to stay motivated

Motivation. One of the most common struggles when it comes to fitness/nutrition.  And something we’re all guilty of wasting too much time searching for. The truth is, motivation is fleeting. It’s there one day and gone the next, which is why you CANNOT rely on it. If I only worked out, ate well, did my job, cleaned my apartment, took showers etc when I felt like it, I’d be a pretty unhealthy, useless and filthy human haha. I do all of those things because I know my life will improve when I do. So while I don’t recommend relying on motivation, here are some tips you can use to boost it.

1. You have to have an exciting goal. If your goal is just to lose weight or get toned, chances are you aren’t going to be very likely to follow through with it. You need to have substance behind that goal, something that you can visualize and that excites you! WHY do you want to lose weight or tone up? Why do you want to get stronger? Here’s an exercise I like presenting to people to help find their TRUE goal:

WHAT is your goal?
WHY do you want to reach that goal?
HOW will reaching that goal make you feel?

Now string those answers together and that’s your real reason to pursue healthier habits. Remind yourself of this daily. Especially the part about how the result is going to make you feel! Will it make you more confident? Give you more energy to play with your kids? Help you better do what you love? Sometimes it’s simple too, like feeling f*cking awesome everyday. That’s my personal reason! Nothing feels better than waking up everyday and having the energy and strength to show up to this world and help others do the same. Your goal needs to come with a result that improves your life in a clear and measurable way.

2. Believe that you actually can. Belief is where it all starts! ‘Whether you think you can or can’t, you’re right’. It’s as simple as that. If you don’t believe in yourself, you’re just going to fall in an endless circle of self sabotage. Belief you can, VISUALIZE the result you want and visualize it often. Become obsessed with it. ‘Where the mind goes, the body follows’. Manifest that sh*t.

3. Discipline, discipline, discipline. I wish this word replaced motivation to be honest. Here’s the deal, results are the best form of motivation. But how do you get results? Doing the work, even when you don’t want to. You have to take action first. Action produces results, results create motivation Think about anytime you’ve seen progress/results with something, that motivates you to keep going right? Right. But even still, that motivation doesn’t just stick around and the truth is, you’re not going to consistently be making progress. Success with anything is not linear. This is why it’s ultra important to have the discipline to keep going and the belief that you can do it, especially when you feel stagnant. Action -> results -> motivation. Repeat that cycle, again & again.

4. Quit the all or nothing mentality! Probably the main reason I see people fail. They believe that in order to get results you need to be %100 at all times. That’s the furthest thing from the truth. It’s crazy to me how many fitness professionals I see fall into this trap too. They’re periodically showing before and after photos of themselves from when they ‘fell off’ and when they ‘got it together’. FYI this is just a crappy marketing technique to make them seem more human, when really they’re just setting a bad example. Also, they’re ‘falling off’ pictures that they are so horrified by are what most people would kill to look like, therefore making them feel crappier about how they do look! Ugh. Before I go off on even more of a tangent, I’ll get to the point. Getting sustainable results is all about consistency. Aim to be consistent NOT PERFECT with your eating and exercise habits. Miss a workout? Over indulge? Whoopdedoo, get back at it. You’re always one decision away from being back on course. Mishaps only derail you if you decide to let them.

At the end of the day, what you focus on grows. So it’s up to you to:

1. Figure out what your goal really is.
2. Believe that you CAN actually reach this goal.
3. Build the discipline to form the habits that you need in order to reach this goal.
4. Focus on consistency, NOT perfection.

Hope this was helpful and as always, click that reply button if you have any questions or comments! I always love hearing from you.

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