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how to build a good workout routine

how to build a good workout routine


Hey hey!!

Back again with some more info about building an optimal training program to get strong, get mobile, prevent injury and FEEL GREAT! If you missed the previous newsletter, click here!

Last week I mentioned how the key to optimize our results is VARIABILITY.

Again, here are the 6 concepts we need to consider:

Mobility: creating space in the body (moving more freely)

Activation: increase system sensitivity (activate muscles, joints etc)

Cardio: increase cardio respiratory change (endurance)

Strength: ability to produce and resist forces (move things or yourself)

Power: ability to produce force quickly (jumping, hopping, reacting etc)

Regeneration: ability to enhance system recovery (so you can keep going!)

Definitions courtesy of the Institute of Motion

So how do we fit all these things in without exercise taking up our whole lives?! Easy. And I’m going to explain by using one of my in person clients as an example!

Jen came to me about 2 months ago, sick of the way she felt and ready to make change. She started by seeing me twice a week where we worked on mobilityactivation, and strength. I also had her start tracking her macros and aiming for #’s that supported her goals of feeling better and getting stronger.

Once Jen got in the swing of strength training 2x per week, she started adding in yoga 1-2x per week to move in a way that would enhance her mobility even further and optimize her strength workouts with me. Yoga also helps with activation by properly aligning the body!

More recently, Jen began adding Orange Theory 1-2x per week. Because your heart rate stays so high throughout Orange Theory classes, it’s an excellent form of cardio in different forms (treadmill, rowing & circuit training). It also includes power from rowing and any plyometric movements that may be performed!

So to recap, this is what Jen’s weekly schedule looks like:

2x / week: strength training with me (which includes mobility & activation).

1-2x / week: yoga for mobility & activation.

1-2x / week: Orange Theory for cardio & power.

and as far as regeneration (recovery) goes, she takes 2 rest days were she doesn’t have any planned exercise but will still stay moving in some way. I’d put proper nutrition in this category as well!

This is the routine that works for JEN. She’s lost 25lbs since July 30th and most importantly, is feeling energetic, strong & capable : D

Depending on your goals/preferences, your weekly lineup may look different! For example, I’ll show you my routine. Keep in mind I’ve been exercising consistently for several years now, so what I can handle/is sustainable for me will look different than someone who is newer to it all or getting back into it!

4-5x per week: strength training (with mobility & activation) with added plyometrics (jumping movements) for power.

1x per week: yoga for strict mobility & activation.

Daily: steady state walking for cardio (will also do spin class here & there for a different type of cardio).

I’d also like to note the importance of variability among each concept as well. I won’t get in too deep here but to sum it up, we want to make sure we are moving in different planes of motion, different speeds, different intensities, different loads, different resistance etc. The more varied we can make our training, the more bulletproofed we become!

Lastly, if you ARE new to exercising or getting back into it, I wouldn’t recommend jumping into all of this at once. Like Jen did, start with ONE thing. Once that becomes consistent, add another and so on! Habits are way more likely to stick when you approach them one at a time. Don’t rush it!

All in all, the goal is to just be sure to include all of these concepts into your week in amounts that suit your goals, needs and preferences. As you can see, certain types of exercise check the boxes in multiple concepts. So don’t think you need to be exercising 6x per week for 60 min + trying to get these all in : )

I hope this was helpful and please reach out if you need ANY help building a routine for yourself!! I LOVE when you guys reach out!

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