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Hierarchy of Fat Loss

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Before we get into this, I want you to explore your reason for losing fat. I only speak of this topic often because it is a VERY common goal that’s extremely overcomplicated. More importantly, I want to be clear that there are many people where fat loss will allow them to live a healthier life and sadly, there are others that THINK they need to lose fat (that do not) for reasons other than their health and the way they FEEL.


Now, I understand that everyone wants to look good BUT if looking a certain way is consuming you and your choices, you may want to take a step back and reevaluate why you hold so much significance on your appearance & more specifically, body composition. If your relationship with food is directly correlated with how you look, that’s a BIG red flag.


So, if losing fat is going to be a result of you making choices that support a healthier life & feeling your absolute best, then here is a list in order of most vital to least vital of how to do it : )


1.CALORIE DEFICIT : simply enough, you cannot lose fat without being in a calorie deficit. It’s literally not possible! I’ve been over this before but if you take a deeper look into any diet, the reason they work for some people is whatever they need to do to follow that diet, puts them in a calorie deficit. That’s the ‘magic’. So, if you want to lose fat, the first thing you need to do is make sure you are eating in a calorie deficit. More on this here! Also, eating wholesome, nutrient dense foods will not only give you higher volume of food while in a deficit, it’ll give your body so many vitamins & minerals to FEEL amazing. 


2.PROTEIN INTAKE : can you lose fat without eating enough protein? Yes, as mentioned above, a calorie deficit is the thing you 100% need to create in order to lose weight. However, there is a difference between weight loss & fat loss. Having a high protein intake is going to ensure you maintain your muscle while in a calorie deficit. This will allow you to shed more FAT rather than muscle & fat. Nobody wants to be a noodle, or ‘skinny fat’ as it’s more commonly coined. Also, the more muscle you have, the easier it becomes to lose fat because increased muscle mass = higher metabolic rate. How much protein does that mean for you? I also cover that in the link above!


3.LIFT WEIGHTS : I know that it seems like cardio would be superior when it comes to fat loss because it burns calories but lifting weights / strength training is SO much more helpful. The reason being is the same from the previous point! More muscle = higher metabolic rate. Plus, why wouldn’t you want to get stronger?! I recommend prioritizing strength training 3-5x per week for optimal fat loss & feeling freaking awesome. Of course, cardio does help burn extra calories, so you can implement this if need be but I urge you to not overdo it because 1. you’ll burn out 2. you may end up putting too much stress on your body, which can create the opposite effect!


4.SLEEP / STRESS: Two very underestimated components of fat loss! Lack of sleep and high stress both lead to the obvious: less energy (which means less likely to exercise/make good nutrition choices) and the less obvious: hormone imbalance (which impacts metabolism / increased fat storage). So, make sure you are prioritizing at least 6-8 hours of quality sleep per night & doing all you can to manage stress


5.SUPPLEMENTS: Once you have the first 4 pillars of fat loss under control, supplements can fill those final gaps in your overall health to optimize all functions in your body & turn you into a fat burning machine! Think of supplements as the cement/sealant to your brick building. And I’m not talking about ‘fat burning’ supplements. I am talking about foundational supplements! These are the things that we may not be getting at all or enough of through food but our bodies need to feel our best and operate optimally. A multivitamin, fish oil & probiotic / digestive enzymes are what I am always going to recommend that will cover most peoples bases. I personally use and recommend this stack that covers all of those things (plus many more). If you have any questions in regards to supplementation, please reach out! I never want you to purchase something you don’t fully understand the benefit of / how to use it.

Lastly, for those of you that are visual like me, I made a little pyramid to sum this whole thing up:



I hope this was clear / helpful and click that reply button if you have any questions, always here to help the best I can : )

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