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Monday - Friday 6:00am - 8:00pm 150 St. John St, Portland, ME
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Goal Setting worksheet

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Hello and Happy Tuesday! I hope you had a great weekend and great start to your week : )

Today I want to share with you a goal setting worksheet from a goal setting workshop I hosted early this year.

This is also a PSA to not fall for quick fixes that are going to be thrown in your face now through January. Listen, I know it’s tempting. We want results and we want them fast. But I can promise you the likelihood of you sustaining any ‘results’ you get from a quick fix is slim to none.

Sustainable results require habit changes and the only way you can change your habits is if your approach is realistic.

Sustainable results also require you to stay focused on consistency, not perfection. This is why I included the obstacles/solutions section of the worksheet. Obstacles and mishaps are inevitable with ANY type of goal, so acknowledging them and being prepared for them is crucial!

I recommend taking some time to fill this out & even returning to it after a few days as well. This will ensure your goals are REALLY your goals and you’ll be able to establish clarity with your action plan.

I also suggest keeping this somewhere you will see it frequently, like your fridge or desk!

Lastly, please let me know if you need any help working through this. What I find often is that some shifts in language or perspective is all it takes for something to ‘click’. More specifically, you may think ‘x’ is your goal when it’s really ‘y’! 


Click that reply button if you have any questions : ) I’m here to help you make 2020 your most successful year yet.

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