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Monday - Friday 6:00am - 8:00pm 150 St. John St, Portland, ME
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Each day of this still feels equally surreal but now that we’ve been ‘in this’ for several days, I have some perspective to offer.

I personally tackled this like I would any obstacle or hardship, take 1 day to stress the fuck out about it, then put my big girl pants on and figure out what I’m going to do about it.

Needless to say, last week was complete brain chaos with me navigating what I was going to do with the 40 in person clients I feel responsible for and making sure they stay healthy & maintaining their results as I needed to close the studio.

Like many of you, this was something I was completely unprepared for / never expected I would have to manage… But! I made my decisions, I came up with options and now we’re rockin’ & rollin in a new direction!

Once I made the call to close the studio and offered my two options to clients (virtual sessions or home program), I felt confident in those & even more ideas started pouring in on how I could use my time to continue helping people virtually with fitness & nutrition. And I’ve been just as busy as I was before with a full schedule, taking action on those ideas.

Am I still losing a lot of income? Of course. But that’s not important right now. If I’ve learned anything in business so far, it’s that you need to focus on helping people first and the rest will fall into place.

So here’s what I did & will continue to do:

1.Control what can be controlled

2.Stay laser focused on opportunity

In terms of controlling what I can control, I am of course continuing my usual daily non negotiables to feel my best both physically and mentally by:


  • Getting movement in
  • Mindfully eating / balanced meals
  • Taking my supplements (Micro Factor, Full Mega, Greens & Reds)
  • Drinking a gallon of water
  • and now… getting more sleep, YAY!


I can also still stay in contact with my clients and make sure they are doing okay & getting what they need from me.

In terms of staying laser focused on opportunity, here is what I am taking advantage of:


  • Training my clients in a different way
  • Opening up the options I provided for my clients to non clients
  • Providing live workouts in my Facebook group
  • Starting an accountability challenge in my Facebook group (click here to join!)
  • Filming workouts for my instagram (here’s my latest one – I got creative with no equipment!)
  • Helping more people online in general (here’s how to get macro coaching from me for less than $5/mo)
  • FaceTiming my friends & family
  • Doing more yoga (the Peloton app is great for this!)
  • Having more time to read!
  • Cleaning / purging my apartment & studio (and donating things)
  • Spending extra time outside with Pedro


The list goes on and on. And listen. I know that everyone’s situation is different right now, some MUCH worse than others. But PLEASE know:

You are not alone

There will be solutions/relief

We are in this together

And again, stay focused on what you can control & create opportunity with what you can’t.

Lots of love,



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