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Fat Loss Myths 2


After last weeks round of myth busting, I couldn’t help myself but tackle a few more. These are all particularly ones that I have unfortunately fallen victim to… but you live you learn right?! Now let’s get right to it : D

1. Never skip breakfast / Never eat before bed

Here’s the deal with these two meal timing claims; neither of them hold major significance. Or minor significance for that matter! We’ve always been told that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and that if we eat after 8pm we’ll store fat. Well I can assure you, neither of these statements are true.

While breakfast is a great opportunity to fuel up for your day, some people just aren’t hungry first thing in the morning and actually feel slow & bogged down when they eat. When it comes to fat loss, it’s total daily calories / protein intake that matter NOT if/when you eat breakfast. Honor your body’s signals and don’t worry about when you are eating.

Same thing when it comes to eating past 8pm. If you’re hungry, then eat. If you are trying to lose fat, just make sure you’re staying in the calorie range that supports your goals.

Bottom line: total calories/protein intake & eating when you feel hungry are what actually matter.

2. Lifting heavy makes you bulky / light weights & high reps are great for toning.

If I had a $ for every time I heard this! I’d be writing this with my feet in the sand. When I first mustered up the courage to hit the weight room, light weights and lots of reps was exactly what I did. I avoided bigger weights because I didn’t want to get ‘big’. The result? Nothing. Literally nothing happened because lifting heavy weights makes you huge just like picking up a basketball makes you Michael Jordan.

If you want to waste your time and not make any progress, by all means stick with the light weights & high reps….. If you want to get ‘toned’ muscle, pick up those heavy weights (with good form) and get to work girl! 

3. Fasted cardio is great for fat loss

Honestly, the claim behind this sounds pretty convincing. ‘Because you don’t have any immediate fuel in your system, your body is going to pull from fat stores for energy and therefore you’ll lose more fat’. However, there have been multiple studies that prove this theory wrong. When testing two groups (fed vs fasted) and keeping all other variables the same (additional exercise / total calorie intake etc) there is NO difference in fat burn. Meaning fasted cardio does NOT burn more fat that if you eat something before. 

Again, it’s total daily calories & protein intake that matter most in fat loss. So if you feel better doing fasted cardio in the morning, totally fine! I personally enjoy a fasted walk in the morning : ) But if you’re doing fasted cardio with the intention of losing fat, just know that it doesn’t make a difference whether or not you eat before : )

CLIFF NOTES: LIFT WEIGHTS & EAT YOUR PROTEIN (and stay in a calorie deficit if you want to lose fat).

**Questions about a calorie deficit / what that means / how to figure it out? click here 

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