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Eating healthy but not losing weight

Eating healthy but not losing weight


I get this all the time. “Well, I eat pretty healthy but I can’t seem to lose weight’. When I hear someone say this, there’s 2 things right away I want to know more about:

1. what amounts of healthy food are you eating

2. what do your weekends look like

To cover the first topic, I’m going to list out some nutrient dense foods that are SUPER easy to over consume. And I want to make it clear that this doesn’t make these foods unhealthy, I just want to bring awareness to how quickly carbs, fats and calories can add up.

Olive oil- GREAT source of fat but in only 1 tbsp there are 120 calories and 14g of fat. Adds up quickly when you cook with it or add it to salads! Same goes for dressings, for many the servings size is 2 tbsp, which isn’t that much!

Nuts- Another amazing source of fat (with a little protein + carb too) but in a little less than 1/4 cup) there are 15-18g fat and 170-200 calories. We all know how easy it is to throw back a few handfuls of salty, crunchy nuts! Pictured above is an actual serving of nuts on the left and what most people think a serving would be on the right. Nut butter can be another problem, same fat/calories as nuts but in only 2 tbsp/ 32g. And if you’ve ever measured out 32g of peanut butter on a food scale, you know how disappointing that is haha.

Granola- crunchy, sweet and delicious, great topping on greek yogurt or with some almond milk. However, in just 1/2 cup it can have around 240 calories and 45g carb (much of it coming from sugar) For some people, thats 1/3 of their days worth of carbs!

Fruit Smoothies- sweet, refreshing, delicious and loaded with micronutrients…. but also packed with carbs & sugar. Take these ‘Wellness Blends’ from Smoothie King for example, Just take a look at the amount of carbs and sugar! Not to mention many are lacking in protein & fat, which will just leave your blood sugar crashing soon after. If you enjoy smoothies, I’d recommend making them yourself with 1 serving of fruit, protein powder or greek yogurt,  tbsp nut butter & some greens for a more balanced meal/snack that WONT leave you hungry or crashing soon after : )

Maple Syrup- definitely a more nutrient dense option than table sugar but keep in mind they do have similar amounts of calories/carbs per serving. In just 1/4 cup of maple syrup there are 210 calories and 54g carb. Most people aren’t only putting 1/4 cup of syrup on their pancakes….. I personally use it to sweeten my oatmeal but only use 1 tbsp. 

Again, my goal isn’t to scare you away from these foods, just help you be more aware of the portion sizes you are using in order to stay in the calorie deficit you need to reach your goals (if your goal is fat loss). Here’s a great infographic by Sohee Lee that shows just how quickly little things can add up that you may not be paying attention to! 

To my second point, THE WEEKENDS. Sure you may be in a calorie deficit Monday – Thursday, crushing those prepped meals, eating salads, woo! But then what happens Friday, Saturday and Sunday? And yes, I definitely indulge a little more on weekends too but I am VERY mindful of the amounts I am consuming. Especially with alcohol, that as well adds up SUPER quick. 



TLDR (too long didn’t read)

1. Watch your portions of calorie dense foods.

2. Pay more attention to the little things that add up.

3. Use a food scale just for a bit to bring awareness to what a real serving looks like.

4. Perhaps monitor your weekend benders a bit more if you find yourself stuck ; )


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