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Monday - Friday 6:00am - 8:00pm 150 St. John St, Portland, ME
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Daily Blueprint That Changed my Life

Daily Blueprint That Changed my Life

( 3 minute read )

For the first Newsletter of 2020, I want to share a practice I’ve been consistent with for a couple of years now that’s truly changed my life. This actually has nothing to do with fitness or nutrition but everything to do with self development and overall happiness!

Ever since I have implemented this, I have been the happiest I’ve ever been, accomplished more than I ever have, had so much ‘good’ happen to me and made a lot more money!

My head is in a state of constant positivity, optimism & gratitude. And when negative or unfavorable things happen, it’s easy for me to move on from it and forget about it in an instant.

So here’s what I do! Every. single. day.

It started with the Power List. A concept created by Andy Frisella to optimize productivity & progression. All you do is take a piece of paper and write down 5 things each day that are critical for you to get done to move the needle forward with your goals/job/life etc. Here’s more on that!

Then, I added an additional list of 3 things I am grateful for each day. Big or small : ) For example, warm clothes, oatmeal and Pedro’s cuteness were the three things I was grateful for yesterday. 

Lastly, another list of 3 things I attracted each day. Again, big or small. To really understand this concept, I HIGHLY recommend reading the Law of Attraction. This book / idea truly revolutionized the way I see the world and when I started actually practicing it, it was crazy to see how my life was changing. It makes so much sense though; what you focus on grows!

So if you’re thinking in abundance and noticing abundance, more abundance will enter your life. When you’re thinking in scarcity and noticing it, things will only become more scarce. Any way you think (negative or positive) will only compound. This teaches you to be very intentional with your thoughts, feelings and actions! THEY MATTER A LOT.

Some examples of things you attract: a kind compliment, a text from an old friend, a holiday bonus, a coffee from a coworker, a mention in your company’s newsletter etc. Just start noticing what you are receiving in your day!

Here is what this looks like blank! I do not leave my studio until I have completed everything on the power list and filled out what I am grateful for and what I attracted. I also make sure my tasks for the following day are written out so I can go to sleep without having all I need to get done running through my head. It’s all organized & on paper waiting for me to tackle.

So WHY does this work / create such powerful change? Well, the 5 critical tasks keep you focused on what’s actually important to get done. This optimizes your productivity & progression.

Gratitude keeps you grounded in what’s good in your life. The more good you acknowledge and appreciate, the easier it becomes to ignore or bounce back from anything negative / unfavorable. It also helps you redirect your thoughts to the bright side of every situation and develop thankfulness for that lessons you learn from things that don’t go your way.

Noticing what you are attracting into your life opens your eyes not only to the positive things that are happening to you but also what you are putting OUT to the world. You see, the Law of Attraction is based on the notion that whatever you put out, you get back. Simply put, you need to do good to receive it. It’s like karma but more elusive.

And this doesn’t mean you just do one good thing & expect to get something great in return. It’s a practice of becoming a better person, consistently. This means the words you are saying, the thoughts you are thinking, the actions you are taking, all. the. time. Your moral compass will start to shift, you won’t be able to walk by a piece of trash without picking it up. You start doing things because they are the right thing to do & you understand that every action makes an impact for the greater good.

If anything, this practice simply rewires your brain to be in a constant state of optimism, positivity and doing GOOD. And when your head is there, it’s makes you unstoppable & brings energy of a similar caliber into your life.

This simple commitment has changed everything for me and I felt compelled to share it. It sits at my desk and is the center of my day. I’d love for you to give it a try and let me know what happens but like anything, it takes consistency & patience. Trust the process and see for yourself!

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