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Monday - Friday 6:00am - 8:00pm 150 St. John St, Portland, ME
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Definitely a different topic for this week! On my Instagram story last week, I was asked what I would do if I wasn’t a personal trainer/had my studio. I answered by saying I’d have a craft cocktail bar with all drinks under 150 calories for those of us who enjoy alcohol but also want to feel our best and live a healthy lifestyle! I mean, never say never but for now I’m going to share some of my favorite drinks that fit into this category : )

Also, before we begin – I want to share a previous newsletter I’ve already written about how alcohol is a macronutrient just like protein, carbs & fat. Yes, alcohol on it’s own is NOT a carb but it DOES contain calories! This also includes drink options and how to fit it in with your nutrition.

First, here are some simple options that are all around 100-120 calories per serving. Prosecco & red wine are two of my personal favorites here : )


Red Wine

White Wine



Light Beer

Spiked Seltzers

In terms of hard alcohol, here is what I recommend if you like….


Moscow Mule

4oz diet ginger beer (most grocery stores carry this but I can’t imagine many bars do)

1.5oz vodka

splash of lime


Cranberry Vodka

6oz diet cranberry juice (ocean spray has one that’s 5 calories per serving – again most likely not available at bars)

1.5oz vodka

***if you are out at a bar & like cranberry vodka, try asking for:

vodka with half cran / half soda water (this will cut the cals in half of a regular vodka cran)

**Same goes for a moscow mule, ask for: vodka soda with a splash of ginger beer & lime


Rum & Diet Coke (or coke zero – much better tasting IMO)

I don’t drink rum so I don’t really know what else haha (sorry)



Gin & Diet Tonic (Again, I assume most bars don’t have diet tonic but regular tonic isn’t super high in calories so that would still be an ok option to order out!)

Tom Collins (gin, lemon juice, simple syrup & soda water) *there’s typically not too much simple syrup in these, keeping it fairly low calorie.



Skinny Margarita! Most places will know how to do this but if not, it’s typically just tequila, orange liquor, soda water & lime

Tequila with half grapefruit or pineapple juice, half soda water


Whiskey & Diet Coke

Old Fashioned (whiskey, bitters & sugar) **again, when done right there won’t be a ton of sugar

I hope this was helpful! Please drink responsibly and let me know if you have any favorite low calorie concoctions you’d like to share/add to this list!!

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