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Balanced meal ideas

So last week I talked about reducing your carb cravings by better balancing your meals. If you missed it, click here : )

I got a few messages asking for meal ideas that will fit this bill. So I figured, why not make a newsletter that’ll tackle this completely. I think for many of you, it’s not so much understanding the concept, it’s the difficulty coming up with ideas & applying it!

So first, I’m going to attach a food list I provide for my nutrition clients. You are NOT limited to the foods on this list, it’s just so you can have some options in front of you when putting together a meal or snack. 

Like I mentioned in the previous newsletter, at each meal you’ll want to include a protein source, a carb source, a fat source and a veggie (or fruit). My first tip of advice is that it doesn’t have to make sense or follow a recipe. It just needs to be a combination of foods/flavors you enjoy. For example, the meal pictured above is pretty random but it’s all things I love!

Low Fat Cottage Cheese (protein)
Lentil Pasta (carbs + protein)
Avocado (fat)
Summer Squash (veggie) & a pickle (veggie).

I did spray a little olive oil on the pasta as well, which is also a fat source. Something super important to note is that you can have multiple sources of each macro per meal, just be mindful of how much you are using : )

Here are some basic meal ideas:

Pulled Chicken (protein)

Sweet Potato Wedges (carbs)

Summer Squash (veggie)

Avocado (fat)

Ground Beef (protein)

Cilantro Lime Rice (carb)

Fajita Veggies (veggie)

Sour Cream (fat)

Chicken Sausage (protein)

Pasta (carb)

Asparagus (veggie)

Pesto (fat)

Veggie Omelete (eggs=protein & fat)

Toast (carb)


And snack ideas:

Greek Yogurt (protein)

Fruit (carb)

Nuts (fat)


Boiled Eggs (protein & fat)

Hummus (carb & fat)

Carrot Sticks (veggie)


Protein Shake (protein)

Peanut Butter (fat)

Apple (carb)


Deli Turkey (protein)

Cheese (fat)

Spinach (veggie)

Wrap (carb)

Something else to understand is not all food consists of only one macro. For example, %85 lean beef (or any fattier meat) is going to provide you both protein and fat, flavored greek yogurt is going to provide you both protein & carbs and all the delicious things you can think of are usually carbs and fats…pizza, ice cream, cookies, french fries & fried food in general. Anyway, here’s a little chart to give you an idea. When in doubt, just look at the label of the food! See where most of the calories are coming from.

I’d also like to mention that if you’d like to, you can always sub out the carb for more veggies and fats. This is what I do for some of my meals because sometimes carbs make me feel bloated. In this case, I still need the calories/satiation so I simply add more veggies and an additional fat source.

Either way, it’s very important to have both protein, fat and veggies present each time you each time you eat but PLEASE don’t go super low carb, they are still very important in properly fueling your body.

 Hope this was helpful and as always, click that reply button if you have any questions or comments! I always love hearing from you <3

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