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Hello and welcome to the ASK AMY series!!! My goal with any content I put out is to provide simple and attainable advice in regards to all things health & fitness. So what better way to give that than asking YOU what your biggest struggles are in these areas! I put a question box in my instagram story last week asking this question and got so. many. responses. Literally, I was overwhelmed BUT super grateful that so many of you were willing to share your struggles AND also super excited because I HAVE SOLUTIONS : D

Because there were so many responses, we’re turning this into a series so I can keep these newsletters concise! That being said, each newsletter is going to cover specific questions I received along with links to past newsletters that answer many questions as well.

So let’s get into it!! Here are the first 5 specific struggles:

‘Eating the food I meal prepped’

Definitely a common struggle! First, make a solid effort to create meals you REALLY enjoy with foods you know that you love eating. Second, do a batch meal prep rather than creating individual meals. So just make your proteins, veggies and carbs in bulk containers and then you can mix and match with different sauces/fats and seasonings throughout the week! This makes it so your food is still prepared but you have the flexibility to do different things with it : )

‘Finding time for movement’

Another big obstacle for many! My best advice here is PLAN AHEAD. Do your best to lay out your entire week on a schedule (my favorite way to do this is google calendar). Once all of your obligations are in, see where you can commit some time and put it in your calendar just like any meeting/appointment. Also, remind yourself that a good workout doesn’t have to take more than 20-30 min. Most of us can spare that time if we really make an effort. Something is always better than nothing! Lastly, consider getting some weights to keep at home, there’s A LOT you can do with just a few dumbbells! Don’t underestimate bodyweight training either : )

‘Finding out what nutrition works best for my body (protein intake, IF etc)’

Trial and error baby!!! There are SO many ways to eat (low carb, paleo, intermittent fasting, small frequent meals, larger less frequent meals, etc). While I always recommend getting enough protein (1g per pound of goal weight or current body weight if you are lean) and eating whole foods in general, there are many other variables you can play with to see what makes you feel best. Play around with them and see for yourself! I have found personally that larger, well balanced meals are what make ME feel best. 

‘Snacking after dinner, i always crave a salty treat like popcorn or pretzels’

First, I’d make sure you are getting enough protein, fat & fiber at your dinner. Then, I’d make sure you are eating enough throughout the day. If you still find yourself wanting a salty snack after dinner then try having that salty snack AS your carb source at dinner! 

‘Not knowing the correct workouts and meal plans I should be following to lose fat’

Got a lot of these! Especially in regards to workout plans. I can help you!!! The My Transphormation App is literally set up to give you the proper nutrition guidance and workouts to reach your goals! The premium version is $3.99/mo (first 30 days are free) and I am here to coach you via weekly check ins and anytime messaging. Yup, $4 a month for a plan / structure & coaching : ) Reach out to me in some way ([email protected] or IG @amy__currie) when you sign up so I can help you get started!

And now for general struggles that have been covered in past newsletters!

For any struggle regarding sweets

For any struggle regarding slow metabolism and this one

For any struggle regarding not knowing portions / amounts to eat

For any struggle regarding staying full/ protein, carb & fat ideas

For any struggle regarding protein intake

I hope this was helpful and please let me know if you have any further questions from what I provided here OR struggles you’d like me to add to the list for future ‘Ask Amy’ s.

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